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Parallel Auditing of University of Oxford and University of Cambridge’s Institutional Repositories, poster presented at 12th International Digital Curation Conference, 20 – 23 February 2017, Edinburgh, UK

Digital Preservation Training Needs Assessment Toolkit (draft)

Current & Recent Projects

E-Ark Project
European Archival Records and Knowledge Preservation
Completed on 31 January 2017, the E-Ark Project is a “multinational big data research project that aims to improve the methods and technologies of digital archiving.” The project is producing a number of technical and archiving tools, metadata specifications and frameworks for e-archiving. During the project, partners are piloting an end-to-end OAIS-compliant service; it will also focus on the pre-ingest phase of data export. There are a number of papers about the project pilot available under Project Deliverables on the Resources page.

Pericles Project
Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics
Running until 2017, the Pericles Project aims to “address the challenges of ensuring that digital content remains accessible in an environment that is subject to continual change.” The project is producing a number of technical tools for metadata extraction and analysis, including the Pericles Extraction Tool (PET). The project will also deliver a conceptual framework for representing preservation ecosystems and tools to support and manage digital ecosystems. The Pericles Project is testing their tools and frameworks for two case studies of digital objects in diverse fields: digital artworks at the Tate Modern and scientific data from the European Space Agency.

The PREservation FORMAts for culture information/e-archives is a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), co-funded EU project that aims to address the challenges of implementing standardised file formats for long-term preservation of digital objects. The project has funded, developed in collaboration and prototyped a number of open-source software tools for file format conformance checking: DPF Manager, veraPDF and MediaConch. 

Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project
This is a collaborative digitisation effort by the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford and the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (Vatican Library), funded by the Polonsky Foundation. The project will see over 1.5 millions pages from ancient texts digitised and made freely available online. Texts from the following areas are being digitised: Hebrew manuscripts, Greek manuscripts, and incunabula, or 15th-century printed books. This project is seen as “a significant step in sharing intellectual resources on a global scale.”


Digital Preservation Coalition
Digital Preservation Handbook
This is the 2nd edition of the handbook, released in 2016. The revised handbook has over 30 sections on digital preservation, focusing on technical, personnel, planning, strategic and policy issues. Embedded throughout the handbook are instructional videos and resources; static PDF documents of each section are also available for download.

Technology Watch Reports 
These are peer-reviewed, comprehensive reports on current IT developments, standards or tools that are important to digital preservation activities. Some of the most recent reports include Preserving Transactional Data and Preserving Social Media. These reports are often considered an advanced introduction; they are useful for current practitioners looking for potential, practical digital preservation solutions to emerging challenges and opportunities in the field.

Digital Scholarship
Digital Curation and Digital Preservation Works
This site is a compilation of blog resources and detailed bibliographies pertaining to digital curation and digital preservation. Most of the bibliographies pertain to books and articles from 2010 – 2013; there is also a separate research data curation bibliography. The Digital Curation News blog does a regular round up of digital curation articles, blogs and conference summaries.

National Archives of the Netherlands
Knowledge Base Digital Preservation
This list of international resources includes papers, working briefs, framework, training materials, checklists and how-to guides subjects related to digital preservation. It is easy to search for materials by subject at the top. Subjects available include: OAIS, file formats, emulation, XML, case studies, authenticity and costs. Some of the links to materials are broken, however.

Open Preservation Foundation 
The Open Preservation Foundation updates and maintains a number of open-source, project-developed, but community-maintained digital preservation tools including JHOVE, Jpylyzer, FIDO, and COPTR (Community Owned digital Preservation Tool Registry). They also have a number of technological resources and subject interest groups to promote knowledge sharing. Resources are available (software, training tools, and wikis) from past EU-funded projects, such as SCAPE, SPRUCE, and Planets. The OPF also has a very active and useful community-supported blog, where everyone is encouraged to post and join the discussion.

Upcoming Conferences

11/9/2017 13/9/2017 PASIG 2017 Oxford, UK
17/09/2017 22/09/2017 IASA 2017 Annual Conference Berlin, Germany
18/09/2017 21/09/2017 TPDL2017 International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries Thessaloniki, Greece
25/9/2017 29/9/2017 iPres Conference Kyoto, Japan
25/10/2017 16/10/2017 Digital Preservation 2017: “Preservation is Political” Pittsburgh, PA, USA
27/11/2017 29/11/2017 DCDC: Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities Salford Quays, UK
15/05/2018 17/05/2018 PV 2018 Conference Harwell, UK


There is no one journal for topics related to digital preservation; in fact, this is not even a comprehensive list of journal titles where you may find relevant information. However, this is a useful guide of journal titles that the Fellows regularly consult for finding articles on digital preservation, digital curation, and research data management issues.

Archives and Records: The Journal of The Archives and Records Association
D-Lib Magazine: The Magazine for Digital Library Research
The International Journal of Digital Curation
Library Hi Tech
The Code4Lib Journal