About the Project

The Polonsky Digital Preservation Project (2016-2018) was a collaboration between Bodleian Libraries (Oxford) and Cambridge University Library (Cambridge) with funding from the Polonsky Foundation. The project’s aim was to enhance the libraries digital preservation programmes by building on existing expertise and research in the field of digital preservation and curation. Through the project the organisations would forge closer links with key digital preservation and curation advocates, including the Digital Preservation Coalition, to preserve each institution’s digital assets for the researchers of the future.

Six digital preservation Fellows – three based as a team within each institution directed by a Project Board – worked collectively as a larger team. At each institution the Fellows focused on:

  1. Policy and planning development and implementation
  2. The development of expertise, training and community outreach
  3. The specification and implementation of the technical tools and workflows which underpin digital preservation activities

As local teams, the Fellows addressed and supported their institution’s specific digital preservation needs. Activities included: auditing the organisations’ current provisions, reviewing good practice, and recommending enhancements to improve the local digital preservation infrastructure.

In a wider context, each Fellow worked closely with their partner at Oxford or Cambridge ensuring collaboration and enabling an exchange of knowledge between the two organisations. To share knowledge with the wider digital preservation community, publicly available outputs were disseminated through this website, articles in journals and conference papers. For a list of available research outputs please see the resources page. 

By the end of 2018 the Fellows had developed local  digital preservation business cases for taking forward the work and recommendations from the DPOC project. To learn more about current digital preservation activities at Cambridge and Oxford visit the contact page.